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Say yes more!

General News November 20th, 2014

Right, we have just had Dave Cornthwaite in school. Did you feel inspired? I did.

Are you thinking about what you could say yes to? I am.

Once you have decided, post it on the blog. It could be anything, e.g. I am going to say yes to making more friends…joining an after school club….ride a bike without stabilisers….stop watching TV and go to the park, the list goes on.

School Council Display

General News November 17th, 2014

School Council are going to update their display in reception.  They want a space theme.  Their ideas so far include:

  • UFO’s with their faces peering out of the windows;
  • photos on stars or planets; and
  • a rocket with their faces on.

Do you have any ideas?

New blog page

General News September 9th, 2013

Welcome to Oxford Road Community School School Council blog page.

Please come back soon and see what your school council is doing for you.